Imagine Commerce 2015 in Tweets

Imagine Commerce 2015 (c) @sergey_lysak (

Imagine Commerce 2015 (c) @sergey_lysak

I do love conferences. The atmosphere, the people, the fun, the nerd jokes, the talks, the impressions, the nifty details you’ll only get in off-topic chats. And when I can’t be there like it is with Magento Imagine Commerce 2015, I love to browse the #ImagineCommerce timeline and suck in as much as I can. (By the way: sorry to those of you getting spammed by my Twitter favs. I’m misusing this feature as bookmarks.)

Although we’ll get lots of slides and videos online shortly, I thought it might be a nice thing to keep the tweets that I liked as kind of an archive. These tweets only show a tiny picture of what happened so imagine this post like grabbing a hand full of sand in the sea. 🙂 If you like a tweet, fav it, retweet it, get to know the people and the conversation behind the tweet. Have fun!

A fair warning to users on a mobile device: I include loads of tweets and I have no idea what happens when all of these are loaded.

Update: please also checkout Day 2 and Day 3.

The hackathon

Magento Pre-Imagine run

Day one-ish day-time: community love, deep Magento 2 stuff

Magento love!

Migrating to Magento 2


President of eBay Enterprise on selling/spinning off Magento

At the logistics track

On awards

Trivia & Community

Magento 2 performance

Deep dive into TDD/BDD with Magento 2


That’s a list

In the dark

And that…

…only was Day 1. But I guess Twitter will kill me if I pack more tweets into this post!

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