Imagine Commerce 2015 in Tweets – Day 2

Imagine Commerce 2015 Day 2 (c) Virgil Ghic

Imagine Commerce 2015 Day 2 (c) Virgil Ghic

Day 1 was a blast as we could see on Twitter. Let’s jump right into Day 2 of my series „Image Commerce 2015 in Tweets“. As always: dive deep if you’re intrigued by a Tweet. Fav them, retweet them! Thanks to everybody on Twitter keeping us in the loop.

Update: Day 3 is also up now for your viewing pleasure.

Day 2

Some more sessions

It’s all about the community (& Magento)!

On responsive, conversion and performance (a.k.a. #RespectTheBeard)

And then some on marketing integration aspects

MySQL and headache

Meanwhile at the market place

SEO anyone?

100.000 concurrent customers? Of course, why not

Magento project management

Customer experience best practices

And then, there was Steve Wynn

Award time – congratulations to all winners!

Sun down – party time!

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