Imagine Commerce 2015 in Tweets – Day 3

Imagine Commerce 2015 Day 3 (c) Guido Jansen

Imagine Commerce 2015 Day 3 (c) Guido Jansen

And there we are already, at the third and last day of Imagine Commerce 2015. It really was a great conference, and I dare to say that even if I’m only following via Twitter from the beautiful city of Vienna.

Enjoy my personal archive of interesting, funny or just plain awesome tweets of Day 3. And just in case you missed them: here are the links to Day 1 and Day 2.

The final countdown: Day 3

Keynote: Mark Lavell and Paul Boisvert on stage

The last talks / barcamp

Last but not least, some more prices

And that’s it. Thank you everybody! #RoadFromImagine

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